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Garden Design

I can design you a garden that will be tailored to your individual needs; an outdoor space that will add to your quality of life, stunning to look at and wonderful to live in. I design gardens with: patios, pergolas, flower beds, borders, water features, bbq areas, vegetable beds and play areas all integrated within one flowing scheme. It’s amazing the difference a well designed garden can make to a property and the lives of the people who use it.

Great design takes into consideration your gardens natural setting, its surroundings and the environment that envelops it. It will balance how you want to use it with how much maintenance you are prepared for. It will enhance natural elements and blend with architectural structure. Great design isn't simple but it is very accessible.

Gardens that reflect their owners are always more interesting. Whether you like winding gravel pathways edged with herbs or the clean cut look of concrete and steel, there is always a way to design what you want within your budget and space.

Beautiful gardens are not limited to the rich and famous or massive houses. Many of the best gardens I have designed are in small terraced houses and have been achieved with small budgets. I am happy to visit you for a free consultation and discuss how we might create a unique and inspiring space within your garden.

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